Jon Dondon
9 October
Seattle, Washington, United States
Interests: (69)
alex's bitch, allergies, ani, antihistamines, aquaman, aspartame, auto-erotic asphyxiation, bipeds, broken chairs, carcinogens, charcoal, chopsticks, clitorises, cunnilingus, divorce and fever, egg beaters, electric razors, empty bottles, enjoyment, entheogens, feces, fellatio, fireweed honey, gays in the military, governmentally instituted taxes, grammar, heterophobia, heterosexuality, homophobia, homosexuality, in god we yaya, indoor lighting, industrialized dulcimers, lepers, matadors, narcissism, newspaper, pants, paper, parisian blinds, pecans, pencils, penises, plastic alligators, point systems, power, pre-reflective consciousness, push pins, racism, schematics, sheet metal, sidewalks, smells, sneezing, speeding tickets, stomachs, stoves, suppository narcotic use, talking pancakes, tea, the alphabet, thetic consciousness, traffic cones, twister, vitamin d, walking canes, walls, water, winnie the pooh
one time, when i am walking east on 65th Ave Ne, i walk past this van with two guys in it. i said "hey." the shorter of the two stumbled out of the car and returned the greeting. i asked him what it was that he was doing, sitting in a car, at such a late hour. he proceed to tell me that he was waiting for kids to try and steal things. "why?" i questioned. he replied "well, there are these cops who hang around here and give our drunken asses weed when we beat the shit out of kids who jack shit."